Listening to friends, being still, figuring out what’s important.

I had a phone conservation with a somewhat new-ish friend tonight.  After trying to sort out a bunch of stuff with a church we both know that simply wasn’t making sense, an hour on the phone seemed to make much of it fall into place.

And as usual, that led me to my friend’s site and some of his incredible wisdom shared for the entire world via the web.  It’s worth looking at…

But in the midst of so many questions that I – and I suspect he also – have that impact the two of us?  His own blog brought to me a sense of wisdom and peace in the following:

And the video is worth a listen to anyone, anytime, anywhere…

Why I don’t much bother with my home town newspaper anymore

My home town newspaper decided they would require Facebook accounts for any comments not all that long ago.  Since I don’t “do” Facebook anymore after figuring out what a colossal invasion of privacy it is, I don’t (and can’t) much take part in the CO’s “discussions” anymore…

CO_dangerousThe photo above is another reason why I don’t much miss it.  Malware / Adware links that my virus software picks up is a HUGE reason not to bother.  (Notice the McAfee banner on the top of the pic. ) Way to go folks… You’ve managed to go from the insignificant sidewalk into the gutter here…

Reason # 7,827 why you use Facebook at your own peril

fbFile this as reason number 7,827 (approximately) why you should beware of EVERYTHING with the evil monster called Facebook.  This article in Mother Jones by Erika Eichelberger might (should for certain) wake you up.  (Photo from the article)

But some lenders have begun to find a new use for this information, scrutinizing Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn data to determine the credit-worthiness of loan applicants.

More and more news sites have begun moving to only allowing Facebook users to comment on their articles.  And somehow they try to spin the precipitous drop in any discussion or dialogue after doing so as a good thing.  Yet, after reading stuff like this, I’m amazed that ANYONE is still foolish enough to commit their entire online soul to Mark Zuckerberg’s algorithms that will be used for any purpose that he decides to use them for – and is paid enough to do so.  (Don’t ever forget his moment of honesty some years back: “They trust me — dumb fucks,”)

Perhaps there needs to be a new definition of “insanity:”  “Doing what you’ve been clearly shown is foolish and dangerous and then wondering why your information, pictures, credit-worthiness, etc. has become someone else’s commodity for sale.”

Proof that NC is going to the Dogs

Pat McThe latest news here from North Carolina?  It’s more news that our 9-month-in “Guvner” continues to throw high paying jobs out to his supporters and contributors.  The state of affairs here recently… Under “King Pat?”  They’ve gone from bad to worse.  The following link explains it all – and I’d comment on it at length… if the Raleigh News and Observer hadn’t recently limited every comment to only those drinking Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Kool Aid.

Here’s a tidbit:  “Peal gave $1,250 to the McCrory campaign in 2012. She helped organize the Eastern North Carolina Tea Party in 2010.  The job was not posted, which prevented others from applying. Department officials declined to provide a job description or list Peal’s duties.  Secretary Aldona Wos declined to be interviewed, as did Peal.

Read more here:

Woe is us folks…

Happy 4th of July America

I have to share this video.  In fact, I just cannot NOT share it.  It illustrates why we should be afraid… very, VERY afraid.  Just not of what most people would like to think we should be afraid of.  It’s not Islamic extremists… or radical terrorists… or socialist / communist traitors that are going to take our nation down the tubes…  Watch and see what we all should be very afraid of… Like the young man said: Happy 4th of July America… Ain’t our “freedom” just grand?