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Fort Sumter Paddle – 8/14/2023

We paddled Charleston Harbor from James Island to Fort Sumter and back last week.  Low tide at Melton Peter Demetre Park meant launching through nasty, thick, black, clinging mud.  Temp was 97° and heat index was a whopping 109°, which translated into many moments of “What the hell are we doing out here?”  Note to self:  This is a great paddle for COOL weather; not so much for the dog days of summer!

Just When You Think You’ve Heard it All

And I truly thought that I actually HAD heard it all with the nonsense that swirls around Donald Trump: a Today his “legal spokesperson” (who just so happens to be a young, attractive, eye-candy type of “assistant”)  goes on Fox News and says something so outrageously false that we should have seen her nose growing on air:

Alina Habba’s own words:  “If President Trump didn’t want something turned over I assure you that is something that could have been done. But he never would act like that. He’s the most ethical American I know.”

Sure toots:  And up is down, hate is love, black is white, the sky is falling, and you all are gonna make America great again… right?  Jeez… I listen to such unmitigated BS and wonder to myself, “How can ANYONE be so stupid and ignorant as to believe and support this sociopath?”  Yet they just keep on drinking the Trump-flavored Kool Aid, publicly showing us how serious the conservative “brain-drain” is.

America may well be doomed.

Paddling the Kiptopeke Breakwater

Paddling the Chesapeake Bay on the southern tip of the DelMarVa peninsula on vacation.  The breakwater off the coast at Kiptopeke State Park in Virginia is a  line of partially sunken ships that were constructed of reinforced concrete during World War II.  Of all things to paddle to… Concrete ships!

Why Republicans Can’t Be Trusted… Next.

So… According to Kevin McCarthy, it’s wrong, immoral, unethical, stupid, etc. to raise the debt ceiling without addressing budget cuts. (That all just happen to be those “woke handouts” that Republicans want everyone to be stupid enough to believe.)  So the Democrat in the White House can simply go suck hind tit and the nation can default for all he cares.

But when a Republican happened to occupy the Oval Office?  Republicans happily raise it without bothering to do any of this outrageous grandstanding we’re now reading about every day.

And they actually expect all Americans to be stupid enough to believe this kind of crap?  And they have supporters that actually ARE stupid enough to eat this shit up?  Wow… just wow.  Anyone willingly supporting these liars and planning to vote republican?  Damn; I don’t even want to know you.

Swimming on the Cape Fear River

I had a chance to paddle the Cape Fear river last week.  Unusual for eastern North Carolina, there’s some really good class II whitewater mixed in with flat water sections between Lillington, NC and Erwin, NC.

The water was significantly above normal – 4.54 feet on Monday and just under 4′ on Tuesday, so rapids were pretty energetic.  And Shaw’s Great Falls?  (The one place where you have class III water when the river is up?)  It made certain I had the opportunity to take a swim and cool off!


Maybe we DO have a true liberal / progressive choice in 2024

A follow up from my previous about how shallow and “found-to-be-wanting” any slate of Democratic Presidential candidates might be in 2024:

Perhaps Gretchen Whitmer could  well be the outlier that will rise up from the dross of the current list of Democratic hopefuls or wannabes:  Could it possibly be that Michigan’s current governor might become 2024’s version of Barack Obama in 2008?

This article, “Michigan Is Becoming The Anti-Florida On LGBTQ Rights ― And A Lot More” raises that very question – and also raises my hopes.  We should perhaps stay tuned to the news coming our way from The Great Lakes State.

Some Idiots Never Learn

So… According to the AP Article, “Trump says he expects to be arrested, calls for protest,”  he seems stupid enough to go right back to the January 6th playbook and begin what appears to be a concerted effort to incite violence again.  The verbatim quote (including CAPS in the original) said, “IT’S TIME!!! WE JUST CAN’T ALLOW THIS ANYMORE. THEY’RE KILLING OUR NATION AS WE SIT BACK & WATCH. WE MUST SAVE AMERICA!PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST!!!”

Is Trump really this stupid?  OR… is he truly the narcissistic sociopath many of us believe him to be?  If the Grand Jury returns a true bill in the Stormy Daniels hush money investigation, then he properly SHOULD BE arrested.  But this idiotic – or more likely, conscious and premeditated – attempt to stir up violence once again from his “True Believers” (the Trumpkins that make us wonder how THEY can possibly be so stupid and naive to continue supporting this grifter) then he should also be arresting for inciting to riot and any other pertinent charges that may apply.

All of which begs a question I simply cannot wrap my head around.  How is it possible that ANYONE, ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME, can actually think this deplorable excuse of a human being could ever be an appropriate and valid choice to be the President of the United States?

People effing amazing me anymore…

The “pool” is shallower than we thought

A follow up from my previous post on why Joe Biden is pretty much dead in the water in 2024.

If THIS ARTICLE is anywhere close to being accurate, then the Democrat candidate pool of potential Presidential nominees is far shallower than anyone might have thought or hoped – Indeed, if this is the best the Democrats can offer, we might as well go ahead and order something red to wear on November 5, 2024.

  • Kamala Harris has been almost a non-entity as Vice President.  She’s stayed so far in Biden’s shadow that she might as well have no more record to run on than she did as Attorney General of California; and plenty of us remember how tainted she was with that background.  (Some of us even remember how her first foray into public office came as a result of sexual / romantic nepotism.)
  • Stacey Abrams is a 2-time loser in the state of Georgia.  How can anyone seriously believe she can win a nationwide race when she couldn’t even sway a state on the virtual razor’s edge between red and blue politics?  And how many remember the millions she allowed her close friend’s law firm to siphon off from her nonprofit “Fair Fight Action?”  ($9.4 million in 2019 and 2020 alone – a figure that will no doubt grow.)  Not a chance is she a viable candidate.
  • Pete Buttigieg?  Come on folks… seriously?  Like him or not, with the current political divide in our nation, there’s simply no way a gay man can possibly be elected President of the United States.  Maybe in 25 years, but right now?  With the razor thin margins almost every election is decided with?  (We don’t have to like it; but we do need to stick with reality.)
  • Amy Klobuchar?  Two words – with a corresponding date – say it all.  “Walter Mondale; 1984.”  Another milquetoast Minnesotan, whose 2020 campaign went absolutely no where and whose record is questionable like hers will only lead to another GOP landslide like  Mondale’s embarrassing loss to Reagan in ’84.
  • Gavin Newsom might possibly be an able leader, but he’ll be tarred and feathered with so many divisive labels, beginning with “California,” then moving on through “San Francisco,” “Liberal,” “Prop-8…” which will turn into a never ending list in the “zero sum game” of conservative / liberal warfare;  he’ll be dead in the water BEFORE the main artillery of “RECALLED” Governor gets tossed his way.  (And it won’t matter in the least that he survived the recall vote; anymore than it matters to far left liberals that Trump wasn’t “CONVICTED” in either impeachment trial.)
  • Elizabeth Warren?  Her “use by” date expired quite a while ago – probably sometime around the time when she allowed herself to be turned into the “Pocahontas” target that Trump used to essentially kill her last campaign.  That ugly attack that lasted through far too many news cycles than it should have will almost immediately rear its ugly head again should she decide to run in ’24.  She’s done a lot of good for a lot of folks not limited to her constituents in Massachusetts, but that’s not and never will include the title of President.  (And let’s not forget; she’s only 6 years younger than Biden, who is already being called senile.)
  • Gretchen Whitmer:  Maybe / possibly, she could be a viable candidate.  But she’ll have huge mountains to scale to mount an effective and successful campaign.  She’s a woman, from Michigan, (the “rust-belt” baggage will be weaponized for certain), controversial enough already in that she’s been the target of a real kidnap plot… All of these will mean any campaign of hers will face an uphill battle from day one.  She could well be – possibly / maybe – the next Obama to emerge from relative obscurity, but Obama was elected in a much less clearly divided and toxic political environment.

Which leaves us with the real question.  The “BIG” question.  The “ELEPHANT-IN-THE-ROOM” question… Is this all you Democrats have to offer?  Really?  Then God help us; we may have already lost – and your failure could well mean the end of our Republic.