Biden’s Big Mistake

The news channels are all a flutter following Joe Biden’s attack speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia this evening.  Chris Hayes is holding a Biden “love-in” on MSNBC, which really shouldn’t surprise anyone, while Tucker Carlson is swinging for the fence trying to convince the world why Biden is just shy of being the devil incarnate, out to destroy every aspect of our American way of life. “Biden has ‘crossed over’ into a very dangerous place,” was his refrain, which also should surprise no one.

The headlines are also taken from a familiar script:

Biden takes another swipe at ‘MAGA Republicans’ in prime-time speech


Biden at Independence Hall: Trump, allies threaten democracy

But here’s what’s troubling about this – at least troubling to me.  Biden’s making a big – no, a HUGE mistake in all this newfound “attack” mode.  And that perhaps needs to begin with the over-the-top “set” his folks turned Independence Hall into for this little speech.  All the lights, the flag that silhouetted him as he came outside, the Marines who were turned into props… This all had a “hollywood-esque” feel to it; like something from “Wag the Dog.”  It felt contrived, fake (something that I’ll bet good money hits the news and social media before daybreak), and far too glossy a production.  In fact, not only did it seem to cheapen a Presidential address, it looked and felt strangely like another Presidential photo op; this one below right, when Trump proved to the world that the Bible is a book he has seldom, if ever, opened and actually read.  (Remember him quoting from “TWO” Corinthians?)  Tonight, Biden appeared to take a turn from being truly Presidential down the same path to the reality show we all watched Trump wallow in for 4 years.  Not a good idea Mr. President.  In fact, a really, really, REALLY, dumb idea.  Don’t I remember correctly you told us you would stay above the fray?

And Mr. Biden, don’t forget what may well turn out to be the worst thing coming from tonight.  You just lowered yourself to Trump’s level.  Not only did you give him the recognition all Narcissists crave (positive or negative, they could care less), but you’ve allowed him now to do what he does best;  twist, warp and somehow use your words as ammunition to continue riling his base into senseless, moronic outrage.  You’ve not only played into his game, which was perhaps the last thing you should have done; you’ve also now painted every Democratic candidate running for office this fall into a corner.  Forget about the true issues – issues that are all winners like how angry the country is over Roe v. Wade’s repeal…  Now it’s all about “Being against the MAGA Reublicans.”  In other words?  You just gave away all the positives your recent successes stand for and let those same republicans draw you into a fight that’s not only unwinnable, but stupid.

I hope I’m wrong.  I really, truly hope I’m over reacting.  But if the positive momentum Democrat candidates have been experiencing evaporates, I’ll go ahead and say it now.  It’s on you Mr. President.  Tonight was a really bone-headed mistake.

I don’t get you Democrats:  You manage to get your act together and do something positive, even laudable, then you guys turn around and manage to screw the pooch once again.  And it seems like this pattern is your party’s “lather, rinse, repeat.”  I’ve never seen a group who could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like you guys.  SMFH…