Watch any sports feed for free

I don’t know about the rest of you… but my standard cable package can honestly be described as “lacking” when it comes to any kind of sports coverage.

I’m not as willing as some of my friends to shell out the bucks for either the “premium” package on cable or the dish stuff… So… what to do when the game, race, or event you want to watch isn’t on TV?

Check this link out… Chances are you can watch it on the web for free…

(2013 addendum to the above – and check my recent post – this website has morphed into a malware / adware supplier.  To watch many of their feeds they now require a “downloader program” to be installed on your machine.  It’s filled with malicious software that attempts to steal as much personal information from you as possible.  Once upon a time, this was a great site – not anymore – surf at your own risk.  Sad… but true… what the web is becoming…)