David Corn makes a lot of sense

Everyone should have known that Liz Cheney was going to lose the Wyoming GOP House primary yesterday.  And since watching her work on the January 6th committee, I’ve had mixed emotions about that reality.

But David Corn of Mother Jones News has a pretty succinct piece about it today.  We don’t need to feel conflicted.  And we can – and probably should – remember that deep down, Liz is NOT one of us. (Those of us who are liberal / progressives.)  And if she decides to run for President in 2024, that could help – or hurt – the end game.  And that is what we should remember most about her concession speech.  This is about Trump.  The fact that there are anywhere between 10 and 25 MILLION Americans STILL WILLING to elect this sociopath is the REAL CRISIS.  Democrats, Independents, progressives, middle-of-the-road from all sides of the political spectrum; all of us “in the middle…” we need to keep our eyes on the real danger.  And realize that the GOP has so many kool aid drinkers in what is now the “Party of Trump” that are too far gone, so it’s up to us…

Or it’s game over on this experiment called the United States of America.

Read David Corn’s News Piece Here: