If I had the time, I’d probably just get into more trouble.

I keep promising myself to post more here; to live out loud a bit, share my hopes and dreams, my rants and raves.  But I’m writing so much on my church’s site that I never seem to get back over here and say “MY” stuff.  (I try to keep it pretty even keeled on the church’s site:  To get people thinking together without starting too many fights.)

Then last night I get home to find nothing’s up and I have an email from my host telling me “You are suspended for a terms of service violation.”

I call them to find out that lawyers from a certain, unmentioned, Las Vegas “entertainment venue” (read what you want to there, I’m not about to post their name again!) have complained about an image I’d posted and were threatening legal action against both the host and me.  Turns out I’d found a Google image that I thought was public domain… (After all, it had appeared multiple times on several personal blogs so I figured someone had taken a rather nice snap shot of the aforesaid, unmentioned, entertainment venue)… that actually came from the company’s website.

The word on the street is to remember that some companies have lawyers whose jobs are to troll the Internet looking for just this.  Who would have thunk it?  Big Brother IS watching:  Don’t forget that!  to quote Meg Ryan as one of her multiple characters in the movie, Joe and the Volcano:  “I have no response to that.”

Moral of the story: If you want to use an image in a post; find the worst image you can; then make sure it was taken by a 75 year-old blogger and posted on her site!  (Or just resist the temptation to make that post look “pretty” with all the pictures!)

3 thoughts on “If I had the time, I’d probably just get into more trouble.

  1. Serena

    Geez! I’ve not been here for awhile (just caught up with you past several posts)! I’m behind you 100% … keep up the good posting .. and I’ll be back regularly, now that I know you’re at it again (albeit sporatically, like me 🙂

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