Happy 4th of July America

I have to share this video.  In fact, I just cannot NOT share it.  It illustrates why we should be afraid… very, VERY afraid.  Just not of what most people would like to think we should be afraid of.  It’s not Islamic extremists… or radical terrorists… or socialist / communist traitors that are going to take our nation down the tubes…  Watch and see what we all should be very afraid of… Like the young man said: Happy 4th of July America… Ain’t our “freedom” just grand?

Years Later, Yet Still the Same!

Loggins_MessinaMany of my generation remember Loggins and Messina…

In the early 1970s they did a great job of expressing what so many of us felt every day.  And many of us shared the same angst when we heard that they had gone their separate ways  in 1976…

So now we are older – and hopefully wiser – and thanks to the miracle of Youtube we can see that these two have come back together to share the same magic we all remember from back in the glory days of high school…

It should be said, at this point:  In 1995 I was able to see Kenny Loggins in concert in Jacksonville, Florida.  Watching him in that concert motivated me enough to begin a search for the 12 string guitar he played in that concert.  That Washburn guitar was a prize possession for many years, until I realized my fingers simply could not do justice to the bridge width of the neck.  It is really, REALLY cool, however, to know that one of my best friends continues to play that same guitar to this day…  The more things change… the more they stay the same.  (Right John?)

Why ALEC is Un-American

You should watch the video below. (And yes, I know it’s 56 minutes long!) Take the time: It’s important. And it should cause two reactions – at least I would hope that’s what happens.

It should make you very, VERY afraid. Afraid to see how far gone our “grand experiment” of government “of the people, by the people and FOR the people” already is. And it should also make you very, VERY angry. Angry that, in your state or mine, there are actually people who will (And already have) campaign(ed) for public office, telling you how they are going to “represent” you… when in reality, they are going to do what they are told by this amorphous “non-profit” group meeting behind closed doors.

Don’t take my word for it… Watch this…

SS United States Conservancy Art

SS-United-States-study-1024x614This is some of the coolest artwork I’ve seen in a long time.  (Click the image to the right or the photo below for the link.)  It’s part of the ongoing work of the SS United States Conservancy.

The artist, David Macaulay, is using the Big U as the central focus of a new book – and helping folks recognize the possibilities in saving our nation’s namesake superliner.  It should be noted, that Macaulay himself immigrated to the United States on this same ship when he was 10 years old.

Photo Credit:  Kyle OberHis sketches are being shared by the conservancy in their ongoing emails that keep us up to date with the plans and progress in saving the ship. Become a member – with whatever you can afford to donate – and you get all these automatically in your email.  (And yes – absolutely – I’m shamelessly shilling for something I think is worth being a part of!)