Corncobs, Applause, and the S.O.T.U.

Right now in the midst of the State of the Union Address… listening to all the interruptions with applause and thinking why won’t they just let the man get on with it?…

And watching the panning cameras show those in the House Chamber (Which, hey – it’s better than seeing Joe Biden nodding his head all the time!)…  I can’t help but wonder…

Why do these guys look like they have corn cobs shoved up their asses?  (Pardon my graphic imagery, but I can’t think of anything else every time I see them.)  Hey guys, you don’t have to love him – but you do have to work with him, you know?  It’s called “government.”  Geez… As I watch that whole section refuse to stand with all the idiotic applause… I can’t help but wonder who the most adolescent of Americans are!

One thought on “Corncobs, Applause, and the S.O.T.U.

  1. John Sellers

    I tried to update settings for my direct-deposit, but couldn’t find the option for “just send it all to the White House”.


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