40 Years Plus One Day

Today many folks are celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  (Which is NOT the Mexican version of our Independence Day – that’s September 16th.)

But there are a few folks around who remember the significance of yesterday.  It was the 40th anniversary of the Kent State Massacre in Ohio – a day some remember when our own government went to war against its young people right here in our heartland.

It’s easy to toss around George Santanyna’s slogan, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” but I can’t help but wonder – with a huge measure of dis-ease, how similar the following footage appears to so many gatherings and protests we’ve seen recently in our country.

Have we forgotten our history? Or can we see the opportunity to disagree in constructive ways? Worth pondering I think – 40 years and one day later.

One final view – interesting to hear these words from the past from our 37th President – and how they were heard (or not heard).

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