A Question for Twitter Users

If you have a twitter account I have a question for you.  After reading the latest nonsense of Twitter’s new owner – Elon Musk Tweets Conspiracy Theory About Paul Pelosi Attack, Then Deletes Post –  and once you realize that this is going to become the new “normal” for Twitter now that Musk is using it as his own little disinformation platform… When are you going to close your account and boycott anything to do with Twitter and Elon Musk?

Anyone who thinks it’s going to be remotely possible to be a part of something like this without tacitly approving of such reprehensible behavior like this tweet reflects is fooling themselves.  And the ONLY way to address this is by leaving Twitter and letting it die on the vine.

Don’t bother telling me that you don’t approve of crap like this if you aren’t willing to walk away from it;  anyone willing to continue using Twitter at this point are simply part of the problem and have given up any moral grounding to say much of anything.  (Just wait until Elon decides that the Donald should be re-instated to the platform:  You heard it first here.)