After the Interim

It’s been a long time of radio silence here.  Mainly that corresponded to a move a few years back to a server that was down more than it was up, was slow ALL the time, and just made sharing my thoughts out loud a real hassle and pain in the ass.

But I’ve now got it moved back to my original host, and it’s actually acting the way I expected it to act, so I’m planning to start writing and sharing stuff again.  Maybe kind of like this is “BLOG-RPS 2.0” or something.

If you drop by, you’ll be welcome to laugh with me, share my thoughts and peccadilloes, join some of the outrage some of what I see or read causes so often, or just maybe shake your head and wonder if I’m nuts!  All are welcome to comment, talk back, disagree, share counterpoints and disparate opinions… all with the same caveat that’s always been the “rule” around here:  Civility isn’t requested; it’s required.  Anyone not wishing to honor that is reminded that this is MY sandbox, therefore my rules, and I don’t hesitate to enforce them.