Am I a traditional purist?

The first weekend of September… a complete, five-day overdose of football… and one things stands out in my mind.

Why… are so many current football uniforms so god-awful ugly?

Once open a time, a football uniform looked like… a football uniform.  Different color schemes of course.  but you knew what you were looking at.  What’s with all these stripes, curved color patches, wings, things that don’t make any sense at all…

Maybe I really am more traditional than I’m willing to believe.  But you tell me:  Don’t these look like “Football Uniforms?”

And what is all this stuff below with all the wings, and five different color combinations?  What?  They have one for sun; one for rain?  One for night; and one for day?  One “spare” for when all the others don’t fit? I don’t get it anymore.  Maybe I’m just an old curmudgeon.

Sorry, I’ll take Dwight Clark’s look here over the boys on the blue field (What’s THAT all about?) any day!