Aren’t you gone yet?

Hey, this was surprising…

I had to change my truck battery today – so once it was all done and I’m taking the old battery back to the store to recycle it, I begin to reprogram my radio…

And once I start scanning the AM channels to reprogram my settings… there he is! Rush Limbaugh is on the air this afternoon! The day after our Congress finally passed a health care reform bill! The day Rush promised us he would be leaving for Costa Rica if this actually happened!

I couldn’t help wondering: “Rush, why are you still here? Haven’t you left yet?”

Oh… maybe just more crap that so many people believe. (And it was beginning to be such a good day!)

One thought on “Aren’t you gone yet?

  1. Chris S.

    Costa Rica probably doesn’t want him either..

    and nice. I replaced my battery the other day too. The mechanic said it had like 2 weeks left… (and mechanics never lie!)

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