Beyond the Smokescreen

Some of the “real” news today that should frighten you:

“Justices Overturn Key Campaign Limit”

Wait until you see what “buying” an election looks like this coming fall.  A lot of today’s headlines are just fluff – big on rhetoric and misdirection but don’t really mean all that much – this one does.

Be afraid… Be very, very afraid.

Follow Up:

E. J. Dionne moderates a forum discussion on the topic HERE.

(And FYI:  The only daily mention in the Charlotte Observer?  A blog post buried down in the politics section.)

Follow up to the Follow Up:

Approx. 6 hours after this was posted in many news outlets (2:16 PM, EST), an AP string article appeared in the C.O.’s feed in their “more from the newsroom” list.

2 thoughts on “Beyond the Smokescreen

  1. RPS

    You and me both SS. This is making me want to revisit my old textbook, “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.” The similarities from then to now are amazing – and terrifying… but “No one’s listening… Not even Vespasian’s monkey.” (Flavius Silva, commander of the Roman 5th Legion, atop Masada, circa 72 CE.)

    On another note – my re-install seems to be (finally) letting you comment without all the hoopla before! 🙂

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