Cabinet Level Bullshit

I’ll begin with “I’m sorry.”  I know my title will offend a few folks.  So… now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius sat with Rachel Maddow yesterday discussing the apparent new life of a public option in the health care debate.  As of today, 18 senators have found enough fortitude to say that this debate should move forward in Congress by reconciling the House and Senate Health Care Reform Bills – thus moving the issue to a vote without all the current histrionics of whether 60 votes can be found, or if a filibuster will happen, or if Mr. Brown of Massachusetts will live up to his “# 41” status… blah, blah, blah…

Give those senators a bit of credit – whether you agree with them or not – they are at least standing for SOMETHING… at a time when most of us simply look to our elected representatives as folks trying to line their pockets one way or another.  (Sad to see – but not unexpected – that neither of our fine, upstanding senators from my great state are anywhere to be publicly found on this issue!)

Here’s the rub…  You may or may not like Rachel Maddow:  But at least give her credit for the intelligence she shows.  She asks Secretary Sebelius insightful, cutting questions that get right to the heart of the matter.  Questions that really aren’t that hard to answer.  But what does the H.&H.S. Secretary do with her answers?  (Watch this video closely… A stop watch will be helpful at this point.)

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1st Question:  It’s really a “yes” or “no” question – but Secretary Sebelius spends 53 seconds talking and never answers the question!  Maddow gives it a second shot… “Sounds like you’re not so satisfied…” and we hear the answer (finally!)… “Not so much.”  (So why spend almost a full minute with all that crap when the answer took about 3 seconds?)

Maddow asks a second question. And Sebelius spends… (wait for it)… 53 seconds talking – and really doesn’t answer it either.

Maddow’s third question?  A minute and 6 seconds… same result.

And finally, Maddow asks her 4th question:

“Do you guys in the administration understand the visceral reason that the public option still polls so well… we really don’t trust the insurance companies to have our best interests at heart in this country?”

It’s a REALLY simple question, isn’t it?  So what does the current Secretary of Health and Human Services do with it?  She pontificates for another minute and one second before Maddow cuts her off… and NEVER answers the damn question!  And folks in D.C. wonder why we don’t trust the “system” at the moment?  When even at the cabinet level all we hear is utter bullshit that never talks straight with us?

You know, I support health care reform.  I even support the idea of a public option.  And (believe it or not) I even try to understand some of my friends’ points of view when they utterly oppose those same things.

But good lord, someone in Washington needs to learn how to simply talk with us without all the B.S.!!!  We’re trying to save our watches at this point… the shit’s so deep we know our boots are a lost cause.