Cat Stevens is Back

I’m a kid of the 70s.  So I grew up with this guy on the left.  In fact, how many of our churches have hymnals in the pews with his song “Morning Has Broken” in them?  (There will be plenty of churches singing that exact song this coming Easter Sunday.)

Many of us Christians kind of kicked Cat Stevens to the curb when we all found out he’d converted to Islam and become Yusuf Islam in 1978.

But somewhere deep within our withering christian souls the music Cat Stevens brought to us still lies fallow.

And out of nowhere… if we are willing to listen to a brother we’d all but forgotten… he can speak to those same souls today…

(It sure doesn’t hurt a bit (for me) that his wonderful music merges here with the wonderful story by Dr. Suess of “The Lorax.“)

See him (As Yusuf) do the same song live here below.

2 thoughts on “Cat Stevens is Back

  1. Barbara B.

    I for one didn’t kick him to the curb! I think he sort of kicked us to the curb, because he did stop recording for a long time. Teaser and the Firecat is still one of my all time favorite albums.

  2. Jeanene S P

    Wow … thank you Roger … that was awesome! It brought me to tears.
    And thank you Cat/Yusef for realizing … it’s okay to sing … you have been dearly missed!

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