Did I actually hear that?

So Sarah Barracuda (I won’t write out her entire name – not going to contribute to ANY Google bombing for her) speaks to a crowd in New Orleans today.

And she continues to attempt to pick a fight with our President – a fight that doesn’t make sense, given that she keeps hearkening back to the “good ole days” of Reagan – when the recent Nuclear Limitation Treaty President Obama signed with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev looks startlingly similar to EXACTLY what Ronald Regan called for during his Presidency.

But… Watching the evening news this eveing I finally figured out why this woman isn’t worth listening to… Wait for it… She actually used the word… “NUCULAR”… just like someone else we all know and love who has no command of the English language.  (At least she didn’t have her notes on her hand this time.)

Find the video and listen carefully.  (I plan to post it here once it’s available.)  And yeah, we want our foreign policy drafted by people who have no command of sixth grade English, right?  Come on folks:  It’s NUCLEAR... not NUCULAR.  And we want to keep 1/3 more warheads than we currently have – which is like 7 or 8 times that required to destroy the entire planet… exactly why?

OK:  I’m done – nothing else this idiot or her fans do is of interest to me.

2 thoughts on “Did I actually hear that?

  1. Cornie

    This Spring we sure do hear alot of hot air and this pollution
    just makes us sick….next comes the bloom..a blooming what?

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