Does Texas have no shame?

I  just read this article reporting that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has spent $3 million to put illegal immigrants on chartered buses and send them to Washington, D.C. or New York.  Ship ’em off and let the feds in DC worry about ’em.  What’s not clear is whether or not any immigrants are coerced into boarding a bus in San Antonio or El Paso; some have referred to accepting the “free ride” that they hope gets them closer to relatives.  What’s absolutely clear is that no one in DC or New York new they were coming – until they were dumped out either in the middle of the night or early, early morning at Union Station.

Abbot’s administration even has a catchy name for this shameful stunt – Operation Lone Star –  which evokes all kinds of images of Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and the other lost souls at the Alamo that have been turned into folk heroes.  What’s ironic is that the $2.9 million Abbot’s spent to bus 1,778 people and dump them in DC works out to about $1,600 per passenger.  Compare that to this:  First-class airfare from San Antonio to Washing Dulles on United, American or Delta airlines costs a bit less than $1,200 per person.  (And a “normal” Greyhound bus ticket from San Antonio to D.C. runs about $291.)  Any “pork” being handed out along with your publicity stunt, Governor Abbot?  (Or just republican stupidity on display once again?)

But what takes the cake, is how human beings are being shunted and moved like cattle in order to make a pathetic and despicable political point.  Shove a load of Venezuelans onto buses and ship them off to D.C. for the liberal feds to deal with.  Who cares what happens to them then, right?  Who in Texas gives a shit whether they’ll receive food, water, have a chance to take a shower, be accorded with even the least bit of human decency?

We’ve seen this before folks.  Congratulations, Texas.  You elected a governor who is acting – on your behalf – EXACTLY like the ones who crammed these people onto trains and shipped them off… to concentration camps.  There’s really not a whole hell of a lot of difference.

Which makes me wonder:  Do you Texans have no sense of shame whatsoever?  Aren’t you the least bit embarrassed that people are looking at you all like heartless monsters?  We already know your governor doesn’t give a shit about anything but making himself look good; but don’t you folks care?  Judging by the fact that you all have already contributed $167,828 to a crowdsourcing fund to help him bus folks off, I guess not.  Shame on every one of you – including Texas Democrats and liberals who aren’t in the streets screaming about this.  How does it feel Texas?  To know that we all can see how incredibly un-American you all are?

Read the article:

Greg Abbott Bused Thousands of Migrants from Texas to DC. What Happened Once They Arrived?