Don’t Mess With Texas!

(But Don’t Move There Either!)

The latest news from that wonderful land of Texas that likes to think of itself as its own “republic.”  (I never hear the word “banana” used in that sentence.)

They have succeeded in rewriting history with the Texas Board of Education’s curriculum change.  (Read more HERE and HERE.)

It appears Thomas Jefferson is out… and John Calvin (JOHN CALVIN?) is in.  (While Calvin is from my own tribe, why would I want the public school to teach what most of us Christians say our own church schools should be teaching?)

Guns and the 2nd Amendment (never a subject to treat lightly with Texans – especially in a bar!) are in… Separation of Church and State are out.

As one commenter said, “This will be interesting in about 10 – 15 years when all those Texans’ kids who are going to be taught all this find out how ignorant they are.”

Interesting perhaps is an understatement.  I’m really curious what some of my friends who currently have the most unfortunate experience of living there think about all this.

In the meantime… I’m not even sure I want to visit again.  This is pretty disconcerting.

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