Dreams Do Come True

According to family folklore, my parents first took me camping when I was about six months old.  Suffice it to say that camping has been in my blood my entire life.

On one trip, we went to New England in our 16′ travel trailer, sometime in the late 1960s perhaps.  I vaguely remember that I was 10 or 11 years old at the time.  Somewhere in New Hampshire, we met a family that had two sons about my age and they were traveling essentially in the same direction as we were.  For the better part of a week, at a couple of different campgrounds, I hooked up with them and we played, hung out, had lunch or dinner at each other’s campsites.  These folks actually invited me to travel with them up to Acadia National Park and then meet up with Mom, Dad and my brother there – a prospect that thrilled me, and left me crushed when Dad decided we might not go that far north on our trip.

What excited me most?  This family was traveling in an Airstream travel trailer!  It only took a couple of card games or dinners with them to firmly establish in my mind that THIS was the ultimate way to camp!  (After that trip, my parents’ got very tired of my suggestion every year when camping season came around that “This year we should get an Airstream!”)

Long story short?  Sometimes it takes a while but dreams do come true.  Yesterday, Judy and I left home for our traditional week after Christmas camping trip; and last night we spent the first night in our new (to us, anyway) 27′ Airstream Flying Cloud 27fb-t.  It took quite a while, but now I understand what the term “Airsreaming” really means!  The best is yet to come!