Eating My Words

Less than a year ago I posted a link that allowed people to get to most any sports event online for free.  A great website with tons of links to anything, including pay per view events for free.  (Here’s what I said.)

And it was great – for a while.  But now, I’m forced to eat my words.  The above link, as of yesterday, now requires on any of their “free” links, a “free download” plugin  (Don’t click on that link and allow it to download unless you want your PC infected with all kinds of crap!) to allow you to watch their feeds.  That link?  Nothing but malware and tracking software.  Here’s one review of it.

So, I’m forced to reverse my previous opinion:  What was great a year ago isn’t worth the security risk now.  Too bad, isn’t it?  Something that once worked has now – like so many other things – sold out to track every move you make on the web…  Surf at your own risk…