Florida has created the first “Post Roe Handmaid”

The Florida 1st Court of Appeals – in a truly mind-bending decision, has created the first Post Roe era “hand maid,” who will be forced to be a mother because she is “too immature” to choose to get an abortion.  (Yes!  You read that correctly!)

A three-judge panel – all republican appointees, so no surprise there – released the opinion in the case of “Jane Doe 22-B,” a pregnant 16-year-old, who has no parents, lives with relatives and is under the care of a court appointed guardian.  She claims she is still in school, the father cannot (or will not) assist her, and that she is not ready to have a child.

According to these three judges, she must have parental consent to have an abortion, which she cannot do.  Even though her guardian is supposed to act in lieu of parents, and supports her wish to have an abortion, she is still not mature enough to decide on an abortion; but apparently becoming a mother is just fine.  One judge, Scott Makar (center above) wrote that “Reading between the lines, it appears that the trial court wanted to give the minor, who was under extra stress due to a friend’s death, additional time to express a keener understanding of the consequences of terminating a pregnancy.  This makes some sense given that the minor, at least at one point, says she was open to having a child, but later changed her view after considering her inability to care for a child in her current station in life.”  Convenient that he wants to give her time to get over a friend’s death… which coincidentally would place her outside of the new, republican-sponsored abortion timeline.

Which raises another question:  Do all republicans think we’re stupid?  They must, to think this kind of circular logic is something we’ll believe.  The first “handmaid.”  Get ready for a WHOLE LOT more America.  Welcome to MAGA Land…