Glad not to be in DC

Why I’m glad I’m not in the Washington, DC area tonight.   Looks like some of our friends are gonna get blasted overnight.  Sorry folks – we’ll take the rain and flooding here any day over what you’re going to have by daybreak.

One thought on “Glad not to be in DC

  1. Chris S.

    My friend Ayumi in Japan told me that they got 34” of snow. School still goes on, business open shop.. meanwhile we get 0.0012” and everything shuts down for a week and people buy generators and 6 days worth of gasoline for a car they aren’t even going to drive in that ‘awful mess’…

    …LOL my neighbor once put SNOW CHAINS on his COUPE!!! (Why would you even own snow chains in NC if your only vehicle is an Oldsmobile Cutlass?!!?!)

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