I don’t see the humor

SC Governor WhereI have to face facts; I just don’t get some “church people.”  I must be the most naive’ person on the planet. I keep thinking we should be different, that our words and actions should offer some glimpse of redemption, love, peace, etc.

So imagine my dismay to see blog posts, tweets, and Facebook comments from some of my “church” contacts about the incredible mess that is SC Gov. Mark Sanford’s life right now, using descriptions like “LOL,”  “Gotcha!”  or “Chickens coming home to roost.”

I don’t care whether you like the man or not.  I don’t care whether you agree with his political stance, or share his ideology.  For that matter, I’d probably agree with you if you were thinking, “How dumb can a man be?”

But one thing all this is not is funny.  You are watching and reading about a family that’s likely disintegrating in the public eye.  Try telling one of his 4 kids, “LOL.”

Maybe we should try praying for them instead of laughing at them.

4 thoughts on “I don’t see the humor

  1. Serena

    I hear you, and I share your naive notion about how we should behave! To often we fail to share the love and grace of the One we say we follow (wonder if that has anything to do with our declining numbers??)

  2. BelovedSpear

    We seem to have forgotten that schadenfreude is not a Christian value. Yeah, he’s a bit of a dink and in the throes of a midlife crisis. But there’s real pain there, and that isn’t something we should ever celebrate.

  3. Maureen Rhodes

    Rodger – So well said. It is sad that “Christians” are so quick to be judmental. We already shoot our wounded – and then critize anyone that doesn’t meet th standard. The Pharisees did the same thing,as I recall.

    Forgiveness is the mark of the cross – may we take a lesson from this. The whole world seems to be spinning out of control these days – the only antidote is Jesus and redemption. May all of us rethink our witness and influence we show to those around us. We are, after all, the only “Bible” or “Christian” that those people may ever see.

    Keep speaking the truth in love, Brother. Your friend, Maureen

  4. RPS

    David: You are so right! (After I double checked the def. of schadenfreude! My German brother in law will be so disappointed again!) Thanks for dropping by – some really interesting stuff over your way. And don’t I know what you mean about “shoppers” stopping by worship and disappearing! That happens all the time with our strange community!

    Maureen: Hey there! You know me; I only know one way to call things. Maybe why I continually stay in “trouble” with so many folks!

    Serena: Of course it does! We keep looking for the “solutions” in all the wrong places because we won’t face how “fundamental” (what an unfortunate choice of word but it’s all I can think of) the changes we truly need are.


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