If I lived in Wyoming

If I lived in Wyoming?  I’d vote for Liz Cheney in a nano-second.  Yeah, I know how conservative she is; and I’m still as liberal as I’ve always been.  I also know she’s a republican and I increasingly find that term and all it stands for despicable for what many of them have allowed their party to be molded into by their king, The Donald.  I doubt that I share very many political views in common with her.  But I’d still vote for her.

She has integrity.  And she’s honest.  And apparently unafraid to stand up for the truth and what is right; even when 90% of her fellow republicans have decided it’s OK to continually kiss the Donald’s ass at high noon in the public square.  (Are you listening Chris Christy, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham?)  And it’s too bad she’s probably going to lose Wyoming’s primary today.  Perhaps she will end up being a Presidential candidate in 2024.  And here’s a little tidbit for you Democrats:  If you don’t get your act together an nominate someone who can garner the support of all us independents out here?  Cheney will probably get our vote then – so I hope you folks are paying attention also.

But finally?  Be careful what you wish for Wyomingites… You might just get it.  (And it’s going to suck big time.)