Jaime Escalante

Tonight I learned that Jaime Escalante died on March 30th.

There might be a bunch of folks who don’t have a clue who he was.  They won’t know that Jaime Escalante changed the world.  By changing his part of it.  Read about him HERE.  The change this one man made at Garfield High School in east Los Angeles is amazing.  Worth noting.

I remember his story mostly because I remember the 1988 movie that told most of us in my generation his story.  Moving… honorable… courageous… astounding… pick your superlative here.  (And Edward James Olmos, who played him in Stand and Deliver even looks like Mr. Escalante!)

Some people should be remembered for who they were as well as what they did.  Jaime Escalante is one of those rare jewels in a world of dross.

R.I.P. Jaime Escalante… Well done thy good and faithful servant!