Laugh of the Day

OK… you are going to have to stay with me for a moment or two – but it’s worth it in the end.

I’ve long thought – as fairly as I can state it – that this woman on the left… is just nuts.  Maybe that’s linked to who her father is?  Who knows?  But her… Organization?  PAC?  Website with crazies?… recently posted the video just below.  Turns out a few lawyers who actually thought jurisprudence included those held in Guantanamo are suspected of Al Qaeda sympathies – because they think legalities matter I guess.  (Yeah, I know – most of you will watch this and probably laugh.  Although I’ll probably get more hate mail on my facebook page as well!)

Anyway… Liz’s website put out this little video warning us that there are “aliens in our midst”… kinda.

Controversial?  Just a tad.  Granted the fact that some folks view CBS as a “liberal” leaning news source – and most folks could not think Huffington Post as anything but… They both have posts comparing this to some kind of new perversion of the “McCarthy” era witch hunts.  See the CBS take HERE. And the Huffington Post article HERE.

But the best of all – whether you love Rachel Maddow or hate her – is her six minute spoof on how the logic presented in the video above, taken to it’s logical conclusion… means we’re ALL AL QAEDA!

I haven’t laughed this hard… in maybe two weeks or so.  Love it or hate it… enjoy it!  (And perhaps think about it as well!)

Let’s face it – we have to laugh at some of the news we see every day.  Otherwise, how could we even get out of bed?  This is just too ludicrous to be fiction!