Missing One of the Points

Last Thursday’s decision by the United States Supreme count in “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, No. 08-205” will probably (eventually) be remembered as a landmark case.  Many of us think it marks a huge setback in our need for campaign finance reform.  To hear John McCain today simply say, “it’s dead,” with just a shrug like it’s business as usual is more than a little discouraging.  (At least Russ Feingold seems angry about it – read HERE.)

There’s already been enough written on what this means for corporations and their now-direct access to influence our nation’s government.  More perhaps than our forests would support were we not reading most of it online.

While that’s important – very important – there’s something I think many are missing.  Who ELSE gains from this judicial mess?  Who else benefits from what seems an incredibly bad decision?

Those very legislators who are all pushing to the microphones to talk about it one way or another.  They are the same ones already IN office – the incumbents that – providing they do the “right thing” – now have access to money beyond the dreams of avarice to keep them in office.  Who else beside Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, et. al. can afford to challenge them now they have a piggy bank – albeit one with conditions – to pay for whatever election they need?

So… anyone besides me punching the “cynicism button” lately?