OK Republicans, explain this one to us.

So… Now Trump says – once again with absolutely no evidence to back up all the lies his bluster is built on – that since the 2020 election was rigged, stolen, corrupted… (pick whatever nonsensical term you can think of here; Trump has undoubtedly used it)… Since all that is obviously true, because he says it’s true… then he should just be crowned the “Rightful Winner” of the 2020 election and once again coronated as king of America.  Or, at the very least, a “do-over” election should be held as soon as possible so it’s clear how he was, is, and always will be the “winner.”

Here’s the obvious – and honest question – to any and all of you republicans out there.  From Ole Newt Gingrich, who keeps trying to regain a few minutes of fame, to Rudy who will say anything for his master, all the way through the sycophants like Cruz, Graham, et. al. who keep kissing this guy’s ass at noon on any public square anywhere… to any republican who owns, flys, or otherwise displays a “TRUMP 2024” flag:  How is it remotely possible that you folks can continue to support, kowtow to, or otherwise lend any SHRED of credence to someone who continues saying crap like this?  I’m sorry… I just cannot figure out how any rational human being would continue letting this obviously deranged, mentally ill person say ANYTHING, anywhere, anytime, on any subject.

Yet you GOP folks continue supporting the unsupportable.  It’s really an honest question:  Why?