Olympic Curling, Part 2

OK:  After watching for more than two hours last night, I still don’t have the first clue how the sport of curling works.  Why one point versus two, what a “hog line” is, why the “pushers” are called “skips…”  Maybe I’m dense but I kept shaking my head wondering why I couldn’t figure it out!

But I sure kept watching.  Why? Cheryl Bernard, skip of the Canadian team.  I’m not sure if I have EVER seen such absolute, total, shut-out-the-crowd concentration anywhere.  Every time the camera would zoom in it was obvious she had one focus – one only… putting that piece of granite rock exactly where she wanted it to be.  When her eyebrows rose each “shot” (or whatever the curling equivalent is)… Well, you didn’t need to understand it to appreciate it.

Who knows?  Maybe before the games are over I might actually figure out how they score it?  I think I’m going to watch this Canadian team again either way.