Proof that NC is going to the Dogs

Pat McThe latest news here from North Carolina?  It’s more news that our 9-month-in “Guvner” continues to throw high paying jobs out to his supporters and contributors.  The state of affairs here recently… Under “King Pat?”  They’ve gone from bad to worse.  The following link explains it all – and I’d comment on it at length… if the Raleigh News and Observer hadn’t recently limited every comment to only those drinking Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Kool Aid.

Here’s a tidbit:  “Peal gave $1,250 to the McCrory campaign in 2012. She helped organize the Eastern North Carolina Tea Party in 2010.  The job was not posted, which prevented others from applying. Department officials declined to provide a job description or list Peal’s duties.  Secretary Aldona Wos declined to be interviewed, as did Peal.

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Woe is us folks…