Rowyn’s New Boat

Last October, I took a road trip to Appomattox River Company in Farmville, VA to pick up Judy’s Christmas present; an Ocean Kayak Malibu like mine that is her dedicated surf play boat for when we head to the beach.
While I was waiting for the guys to pull her boat out of the warehouse and unwrap it, I wandered around – Appomattox River Co. has a warehouse so filled with different brands, types, sizes of kayaks that it boggles the mind to just wander around.  As I was walking around looking at all their stock, my eyes fell on a Wilderness Systems Aspire 105 leaning against the wall – a sit-in, overall recreational boat with great lines and even equipped with a drop down skeg.  As I looked at it, it practically called out to me:  “I’d be a great Christmas present for Rowyn” (our nephew).  Talk about a check-out line, impulse buy!  I told Coltin, who was overseeing the guys prepping Judy’s Malibu, “Hey Coltin!  How much for that guy over there?  I think I want him!”

The rest is history.  Two boats came home with me instead of one; the Appomattox guys continue to think I’m a little crazy, since every time I come visit, I leave with more boats; and even though it took us six months, Rowyn got his new boat on the water this past Sunday!

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