Shooting Yourself in the Foot

By now I would imagine that everyone has heard the latest news regarding the esteemed republican leadership in the U.S. Senate.  In the aftermath of last Sunday night’s passage of health care reform by the House of Representatives, republican senators have been playing around with stupid and childish amendments to the bill – like a bill that expressly prohibits federal tax dollars buying Viagra for convicted sex molesters.  (Tom Coburn:  Don’t you feel just the least little bit silly introducing that?)

Apparently part of that strategy has succeeded.  Today it was reported that the Senate Parliamentarian Alan Frumin has found two small flaws in the bill.  Two issues violate the Byrd Rule (whatever that is).  So the legislation will indeed have to go back to the House after change to be voted on again.

Here’s what none of the GOP senators seem to have thought of:  Now that it MUST go back to the house amended, apparently at least two or three Democrats seem to be thinking “Why not throw the public option back into the legislation?”  So what if…?  This kind of childish game on the part of elected leaders (who should know better but then again they are apparently going to “strike” again today after 2 PM)… ends up with perhaps the most objectionable part (to them anyway) of the health care reform bill coming back on the table?  Just the thought brings an ironic smile, no?

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