So Trump’s a Felon – Again?

You almost have to laugh. (And I would laugh if everything that deals with Donald Trump weren’t so fraught with pathetic danger to all of us.)  Mar-a-Lago was raided, boxes of documents seized, Trump screams about another “witch hunt” and “dark days in America,” jazzes up his base of true believers who then start threatening everyone who doesn’t wear a MAGA hat?

And it turns out that Merrick Garland calls his bluff and we learn that the entire search warrant can be unsealed – IF TRUMP AGREES… And low and behold, the evidence appears to point out that Trump himself has violated the very same law HE SIGNED making it a felony to do what this latest soap opera is pointing to.

So… how many mulligans does this guy get?  How many laws, norms, and rules of behavior can he flaunt before he’s finally hand-cuffed and hauled off to jail to await indictment?  (If ever there were a flight risk, this guy is it.)  How is it even POSSIBLE that we can still be hearing him teasing the boot-lickers of the republican party with running for President again?  And for that matter?  How on earth can ANYONE – who remotely has a shred of intelligence – actually claim to support this con man and vote for him?  I have no words anymore.  He’s the gift (nightmare) that just keeps on giving…

The Mar-a-Lago Warrant Shows the FBI Recovered Highly Classified Documents