SS United States Conservancy Art

SS-United-States-study-1024x614This is some of the coolest artwork I’ve seen in a long time.  (Click the image to the right or the photo below for the link.)  It’s part of the ongoing work of the SS United States Conservancy.

The artist, David Macaulay, is using the Big U as the central focus of a new book – and helping folks recognize the possibilities in saving our nation’s namesake superliner.  It should be noted, that Macaulay himself immigrated to the United States on this same ship when he was 10 years old.

Photo Credit:  Kyle OberHis sketches are being shared by the conservancy in their ongoing emails that keep us up to date with the plans and progress in saving the ship. Become a member – with whatever you can afford to donate – and you get all these automatically in your email.  (And yes – absolutely – I’m shamelessly shilling for something I think is worth being a part of!)