The Corporation, Part 8

Michael Moore finally shows up. (You KNEW he’d be here sooner or later, didn’t you?)

At first, I wasn’t sure if Moore would help or hurt… But give him credit; Two tickets to invite Phil Knight to Indonesia to see the guy’s own factories where they build his Nike’s for cents a pair?

Watch and see what you think.

I’m hoping you stop and think about something after watching this segment:  Think about the “real price” you – and others paid – the next time you slip those Nike’s on your feet.  Maybe time for another brand?  Maybe… but do Reebok, Saucony, or Asics do any better?

2 thoughts on “The Corporation, Part 8

  1. RPS

    I agree SS: I switched to Reebok first; then to New Balance a few years ago, then heard about the same thing with them. Now buying Asics but who knows if they are any better in their corporate practices?

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