The Corporation

In light of yesterday’s stunning giveaway by the Roberts Court (Thank five of our supremes – they may well have given our democratic republic away… and yes, you just might have heard it here first)…

Maybe we all need to watch this.  And pay attention.  This is bigger than health care reform.  Bigger than most folks can imagine.

Part 1:

2 thoughts on “The Corporation

  1. Erick Peterson

    Very dissappointing ruling that sets back election reform 100 years. So much for power of the people, now it’s power of the corporations.

  2. RPS

    I think you’re spot on Bucky. And I’m not sure what frightens me more – all those reading this and saying, “Oh, well… no big deal,” or those who actually think it’s a good thing, and the “gang of five” on the S.C.O.T.U.S. are actually going to “look after us.”

    I’ve long hesitated using the term “sheeple;” Now I’m beginning to understand those who do use it.

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