The Most Important Key

deleteI use it all the time.  I’m betting you do also.

Even in the age of spam filters, virus / malware protection, ISP’s with more capabilities than ever, we all get crap in our in-boxes.  Spam, porn, phishes, even (some people never learn!) those old, Nigerian emails from the lady who wants to send us five million dollars from her husband’s estate.

There’s really no way to win.  I’ve learned the hard way, just take a breath, keep your blood-pressure level, and press the magic key.  What more power could any human being want?  It’s gone; done; “finis;” like it never existed.

But there’s still a sense of… something.  “Why does he send this crap to so many people?”  She’s a friend of mine; does she really believe this racist, hateful, __________ (fill in the blank here) stuff?  Why would he want to show his friends how idiotic he can be by forwarding all this Internet crap (no, the correct word here is “shit”) to everyone he knows?  And the worst of all… those who indiscriminately send the worst stuff possible to hundreds of people… and send it with everyone’s email address in the address header line for the whole world to grab!  (Of course these folks I’m talking about haven’t yet figured out “bcc.”)

delete_key1Replies don’t seem to work.  “Replying to All” only seems to make crazy people crazier.  What do you do?  Go for your buddy – he’s right there at 3 o’clock on your keyboard.  Delete ’em.  Forget ’em.  Let ’em go.

Some of you may be my friends.  But I won’t waste my time on crap you decide to forward all over the ‘net.  Get offline and spend a bit more time in the real world for God’s sake!

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