The Spirit of the Olympics… Again

If ever there were a discussion about Sportsmanship and the Olympics… the story of Sven Kramer and Gerard Kemkers embodies all that is true.

Not in Kramer’s performance, for sure:  A disqualification is considered by most as an abject failure.  Not perhaps in Kramer’s initial reaction – human for sure!  Certainly not in Kemkers’ coaching that led to Kramer’s disqualification – that’s about as big a “goof” as a coach can make.

But the spirit of the Olympics is found in what happened afterward.  When most (or many) athletes would say, “that’s it coach, you’re done – you screwed up and cost me a gold medal…” Kramer said, in effect, “our relationship is more important than that.”

Read about it HERE.  And think about what a statement this makes.

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    Hey SS: So true, isn’t it? Stories like this seem to “move” me more than any of the “competitive” stuff! Sometimes I wish we could still see “truly amateur” games anymore!

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