The Tarnished Cup?

Once upon a time… the cup was about seamanship.  Once upon a time, it was about sailing… Who could catch the wind best – who could get the most out of his boat, which was much like the others.  Once upon a time, the America’s Cup was a trophy for yachtsmen.

Today, the BMW Oracle 90 boat won a race series that’s more about technology, money, and court decisions than anything else.  I’m not at all sure this was what they had in mind in 1857 when America won it.  This is not a marker day for those of us who think sailing is more art than anything else.

One thought on “The Tarnished Cup?

  1. BelovedSpear

    It’s a bit like moving from wood rackets to carbon fibre in tennis, which changed the whole character of that game. Honestly, I like the design, the sharpness, the grace of a great wind-borne water-strider. I think the crew of the America would have been beside themselves with delight at such a strange, swift craft.

    And it is, after all, wind powered. This sort of design will come in handy in 100 years, when the oil is gone and we must again turn to the wind to move our ships.

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