Way to go Lowes (Sarcasm Intended)

I spend a bunch of money at the local Lowes “home improvement” center.  Just about any repair I do for any client in my handyman business entails a trip to either Lowes or Home Depot.  Since Lowes is both much closer and has more locations, most of my supplies come from there.

But after seeing the following commercial on TV tonight?  I’m thinking it might be time to take my business elsewhere.

What’s the problem, you might ask?  So the cabinets aren’t quite up to date?  The sinks don’t quite have the look you want?  That range is no longer brand new?  What to do?  Grab a sledgehammer and simply destroy them all.  Forget about recycling; forget about donating those perfectly good, usable cabinets to the local Habitat Restore; forget about any sense of sustainable consumerism.  Just have at it – destroy it all – then come buy all new stuff!  Get up to date!  Have a good time while you’re at it!  (Forget about the fact that removing old cabinets, decking or railings like this almost insures you’ll have a bunch of drywall or lumber to replace as well – Lowe’s sells all that also!)

I almost thought about titling this post, “What’s wrong with America, part 23… or so.”  I’m also just about angry enough to contact Lowes CEO Robert Niblock and let him know why I’m contemplating taking ALL my business to Home Depot – simply based on such a despicable and insulting advertisement.  (My business might not seem like much to them, but I think spending close to $20 thousand a year on home improvement supplies is significant.)

Then again, maybe I’ll just email the link to this post to him.  Feel free to chime in to him yourself: robert.a.niblock@lowes.com