What I’d REALLY like to see tonight

State of the Union Address… It’s already here again?  My, how time flies when  it seems like nothing’s happening…

But all snarkiness aside:  Here’s something I’d really, REALLY like to see happen tonight.  It’s important – we all know that. We have problems – we all know that.  Problems that all the yelling, blaming, scheming, campaigning, back-room dealing won’t fix.  The President has a lot on him tonight and he really needs to score.

So… why doesn’t he walk in, go to the podium and begin by saying something like…

“We need to talk together.  We need to think together.  Our country deserves all we can give it.  So, how about I tell you what’s really on my mind, how I REALLY see the state of our Union, and you listen?  Let’s put aside the TV soundbites and all the interruptions for applause – And some of you put away your little show and tell “props” like those you hid behind last year… And this will only take about 20 minutes or so.  Then we can begin the business of talking to each other on behalf of all our citizens instead of talking to cameras on behalf of little constituencies here and there.”

I’d like to see that.  Agree or disagree – let the man talk to us without all the idiotic pageantry we’ve seen too many times.  For the moment, I think that would be “change” enough for me to pay attention to.

But… who am I fooling?  “No one’s listening… Not even Vespasian’s monkey.” (General Lucius Flavius Silva, governor of Judea and commander of the Roman 10th Legion, 73 – 81, C.E.)