Why I don’t believe pharmaceutical companies

I’ve changed doctors – 3 times in the past 3 years.  Mainly because I don’t believe, and frankly resent, a doctor that seems more interested in prescribing certain “trendy” medications than he or she is in getting to know me and helping me remain healthy.

It makes me wonder about all the “miracle” ads we all see on TV.  I don’t believe them anymore.  Big pharmaceutical companies aren’t our friends – at least that’s not first on their scales of importance. (Not even close to first, if I’m anything other than an imbecile.)  Otherwise, they wouldn’t lie and deceive in order to further their profits.

Watch this:  It’ll make you think.

It makes me wonder (post “Dr.” Jarvik’s wonderful, highly paid testimony) about ads we currently see.  I wonder if that guy telling us how surprised he was at his heart attack – did he REALLY have one?  Or is he just an actor that looks good and convincing on channel 9 at 10:05 pm? It’s hard to build trust when deception seems such an accepted part of life.