Why I killed Facebook – final chapter

Yesterday was supposed to be the day – assuming anyone really believes the fine print Facebook has all over their help pages; my last chance to log in and “save” my profile.  As of today, it’s supposed to be fully deleted – gone, beyond rescue, never to be seen or heard from ever again.  (Again, assuming we actually believe what FB tells us; a dubious prospect at best.)

So, I guess I’m finally free.  Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the clowns in the Meta universe can no long use me or my data to make money.  Interestingly enough?  I don’t miss it the least little bit.  Sure, I can’t check in on a few friends or read the (astonishingly few) posts that are actually interesting, informed, and timely.  But I no longer have to waste time wondering why on earth I’m seeing the same idiotic nonsense over and over; nor do I have to resist the temptation to bash my head against the desk because the “wall” is flooding with invites to the latest group that has been “specifically picked for you because your past history says you will enjoy it!”

In other words?  I’m in a Facebook-free existence now – and life couldn’t be better!  If you are still in thrall to FB?  Still allowing yourself to be the “product” that they are selling?  Come on out of bondage – the air out here is perfectly clear and everything is wonderful!