Why Republicans Can’t Be Trusted… Next.

So… According to Kevin McCarthy, it’s wrong, immoral, unethical, stupid, etc. to raise the debt ceiling without addressing budget cuts. (That all just happen to be those “woke handouts” that Republicans want everyone to be stupid enough to believe.)  So the Democrat in the White House can simply go suck hind tit and the nation can default for all he cares.

But when a Republican happened to occupy the Oval Office?  Republicans happily raise it without bothering to do any of this outrageous grandstanding we’re now reading about every day.

And they actually expect all Americans to be stupid enough to believe this kind of crap?  And they have supporters that actually ARE stupid enough to eat this shit up?  Wow… just wow.  Anyone willingly supporting these liars and planning to vote republican?  Damn; I don’t even want to know you.