And there’s no racism problem in America, is there?

This article left me shaking my head.

Short version, if you didn’t click over and read it.  A black couple have their home appraised to take advantage of mortgage rates and re-finance.  Their house appraises for far less than they think it should, and something just doesn’t “feel” right.  So they have it re-appraised.  But this time, they have a white friend stand in for them as the homeowner, remove all their pictures and replace them with white folks, change their kids artwork on the refrigerator… in short, make it look like a white family lives in their home instead of them.

Presto! the appraisal value rises almost THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!  (Yes, you read that correctly.)  The couple, both professors at Johns Hopkins University, are suing the first appraiser and mortgage company.  My guess?  Those folks are going to have a VERY BAD day in court when this case comes up.

But like I still have friends repeatedly telling me:  We don’t have a racist problem here America, do we?  SMFH…

Here’s the link again.  It’s worth the time to read it.

Black Couple Sues After Home Valuation Rises Nearly $300,000 When Shown By White Friend