George Conway’s “Good News and Bad News”

George Conway III is a pretty smart person.  He’s reasonable, thoughtful, erudite, able to communicate clearly and succinctly.  In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that he’s married to such a Trump sycophant as “alternative facts” Kelly Conway, I would consider him almost a genius.

That’s why you need to read his interview in Salon magazine. He holds pretty much nothing back when he talks about Trump and what’s probably still in front of us before he and his insane “MAGA” phenomenon finally burns itself out.

The “good news?”  Trump’s time is going to finally be done.  The “bad news?”  There’s plenty of shit to wade through before that long-awaited for day arrives.  In his own words:  “I do think it’s going to get better. But it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Trump is basically a cornered animal.  Trump is in a downward psychological, emotional and physical spiral. But here is the problem for the rest of us: Donald Trump is not going to go away immediately. He is going to try to use the electoral process, and threats of violence, to regain power and influence. Then Trump will say that he can’t control what people do because they are so angry at how he is being treated by Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, the DOJ, the various prosecutors and judges, the news media and so on. Trump is going to make things much worse in this country before things finally get better.”

Whether you see his interview as good news (There WILL come a day when we can put Trump and all this current nightmare behind us), or bad news (he’s going to do as much damage as he possibly can before he’s either in prison, house arrest, forgotten, and finally fully denounced as the monster he is)… well that’s up to you.

But read it; it’s a pretty sober, realistic, sorta / kinda hopeful picture of where we are and where we are eventually going to be.  There’s still a long tunnel in front of us (Thanks again republicans – this mess is pretty much all your fault), but eventually we might actually see the political light of day again, without the republic being killed.

Here’s the link again:

Trump “will be convicted of multiple felonies”: George Conway on the bumpy road ahead