I have at least one answer

David Corn wrote an article where he asks “Trump stole secret government documents.  The big question is why.” What follows are all the normal questions and possibilities that are all over the news these past couple of days.

But I have one answer that’s not being talked about very much – which really surprises me.  Were all these top-secret documents blended in with framed Time Magazine covers of Trump intended as ammo against Trump’s enemies?  Was he planning to cash in by selling them to foreign governments?  Where they an attempt to hide the more egregious nonsense that was normal in the West Wing during his tenure?

I’m betting on none of the above.  They were “trophies.”  Something Trump is known for, and which has long been considered a symptom of narcissistic personality disorder.  Narcissists collect relationship trophies because they must have the reinforcement these trophies provide that they continue to be the center of the universe.  The trophy itself is necessary reinforcement of the very core of their particular psychological disorder.  Suzzanne Degges-White outlines this succinctly in an article in Psychology Today last year.

Like having a desk covered with pictures of yourself or other items with your name all over it.  That’s Trump.  He’s known for having Herschel Walker’s cleats sitting on his desk, Doug Flutie’s jersey hanging on the wall, a New Jersey Generals helmet sitting on the credenza, pictures of himself in magazines, on the cover of books, with this or that celebrity or in other ways showing how enormously important he is.

That’s why the fact that these documents were found in boxes right next to pictures of Trump himself shouldn’t surprise anyone.  They serve as the same kind of trophy, like all the other crutches he uses to keep at bay the reality that he might not be as important as he thinks or acts.

Which points out the quite reasonable conclusion that this entire “document gate” incident simply reinforces what Bandy Lee and 36 other psychiatrists have been telling us for five years now.  Every new development, every new crazy incident that follows Trump around like a bad case of dirty underwear, all the latest shake-our-heads-truth-is-stranger-than-fiction moments where The Donald continues to be the gift that will not stop giving… They all simply reinforce what people should have paid attention to a long time ago.  This guy’s nuts, and nothing is going to change that fact.