I just told Joe Biden that I’m done.

I just finished sending an email to President Biden at the White House; my 2nd email to him in in as many days.

The first was imploring him to stand behind his word when campaigning for the office he’s desired for so many years.  In 2020 he pledged to us that “I would transition away from the oil industry, yes.”  (This said in the presidential debate’s closing minutes under peppering from Trump.) “The oil industry pollutes, significantly. … It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time.”  I candidly told him (not that he himself will ever see that email) that going back on his pledge turns him into the same kind of liar he repeatedly reminded us Donald Trump was, and if he did that he’d lose my support – and more importantly – my vote.

Today, he approved ConcoPhillips’ Willow Project, thus proving to us that he’s nothing more than a politician who will lie whenever it suits his purposes.  Despite his repeated pledges to be a positive influence in our current climate emergency / disaster, he just approved something that has been denounced as a “carbon bomb.”  Thus I sent my 2nd email to the White House, informing him that I was done; whoever is his primary opponent in the next Presidential election has both my vote and my support.

I’ve been open about my misgivings vis a vis President Biden’s leadership before.  Not only was he a vote of “last resort” to do whatever possible to correct the nightmare of Donald Trump in the White House, I also called on him some time ago, for the good of our country, to resign immediately, turn the office over to Vice President Harris, and for good or bad, let her do whatever she could to keep ultra right-wing republicans from once again taking the Executive Branch.  Today, for me, Mr. Biden removed all doubt.  If the Democratic party continues to throw its support behind him, they will simply be paving the way for another Republican disaster:  We all better start getting used to saying “President DeSantis” if they don’t wake up and actually give us a credible candidate for 2024.