When you know you’ve made the right decision

My last post indicated that I’m done with Joe Biden.  Republicans are already lining their candidates up for next year and more news is coming about how Biden is already taking our liberal support for granted.  The “slide” towards the middle, towards concession, compromise and ultimately another failure has begin, if you believe anything at all that THIS article is talking about.

Amazing how brazen, if subtle, Democrats like Biden can be.  They might as well be saying to those of us whose votes swung an incredibly close election their way, “Bend over;  We’re gonna stick it to you again.” 

I’ve emailed the White House several times recently.  My latest was clearly telling the President that he’s lost my vote.  I hope you are willing to express the same sentiment.  You can do that very thing by sending a message HERE.  (Doubtful if the President ever sees it, but it’s about the only option we have to express our thoughts and desires.)

At this point, the REALLY depressing thought is that the Democrats don’t have anyone – as in NOBODY – who appears to be remotely able to garner enough support to blunt the juggernaut Ron DeSantis seems to be poised to launch.  I dearly hope I’m wrong, but they appear destined to once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, reminding me how glad I am that I’ve never identified with any political party.